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Work for Us

Work for Us

NVTC’s personnel and linguists are located throughout the U.S. and connect via various networks with our Program Office in Washington, D.C. and other satellite locations around the country to perform their work. Linguists who work on classified materials receive their assignments via secure channels through arrangements with other government facilities. Linguists who work on unclassified projects can work from many different work sites—including home (provided the linguist has sufficient connectivity and the necessary hardware and software to complete the job). The NVTC’s highly sophisticated virtual network removes geographic boundaries.

Your primary duties as a NVTC linguist will involve translating documents or audio on a wide variety of topics. Working hours will depend on the NVTC’s needs and your availability. Your rate of pay will be determined by the foreign language you work in, test scores, and classification of the material to be translated.

NVTC invites you to join its nationwide network of linguists!