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Customer Bill of Rights

  1. The right to expect a quality product.  The NVTC has a robust quality assurance program that is focused on the delivery of timely and accurate translations.  All linguists are tested and have, at a minimum, professional-level language proficiency.
  2. The right to expect results. The NVTC is dedicated to supporting your mission.  NVTC provides tailored service to meet your requirements.
  3. The right to excellent customer service.  NVTC staff is committed to providing outstanding service everyday; this includes accurate, complete, and timely information delivered professionally and with a positive attitude by knowledgeable staff.
  4. The right to transparency. NVTC leverages technology to provide real-time visibility into projects. NVTC strives to provide prompt status updates, funding reports, and access to relevant documentation.
  5. The right to prompt issue resolution. Customers are encouraged to bring issues to the NVTC’s attention; all issues will be investigated and actions will be clearly communicated. 
  6. The right to secure information handling. The NVTC performs work at all classification levels and does not store any of the translations or source documents past 90 days of project completion.  We also provide our customers the condition of anonymity: linguists have no knowledge of the customer unless the NVTC obtains prior consent from the customer.