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Our Process

Our Process

Providing quality translation services to our customers in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner is our #1 goal at the NVTC.

The NVTC has a well-defined, successful approach to managing its customers’ requests throughout the translation workflow process. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, the NVTC has implemented a mature workflow solution that is managed in three phases:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Translation Workflow Management
  • Release to Customer/Continual Process Improvement

Phase 1: Overall Management of Customer Relationships

Each customer is assigned an Account Manager to…

  • Work with you to gather and further define your translation requirements;
  • Serve as your gateway to the NVTC and help you every step along the way;
  • Generate a customer-specific requirement for your account with NVTC in the Translation Online Network Support System (TONS); and
  • Ensure your task manager and the Linguist Resources Team find the best linguists for your translation project.


What factors does the Linguist Resources Team take into account in linguist selection for a project? 

  • Classification of request
  • Source and target languages
  • Volume
  • Deadline
  • Availability of resources
  • Subject matter expertise

Phase 2: NVTC Translation Process

With the qualified resources selected, your NVTC Task Manager manages the translation project through the entire workflow process and works closely with the translator, quality control reviewer, and editor (in the case where the target language is English).

NVTC Translation Process Graphic (Large)

Phase 3: Product Release to the Customer

Once a customer’s translation request has been processed through the NVTC’s translation workflow, the account and task manager will deem the product to be final and ready for release to the customer. At this time, the assigned account manager or task manager, depending on the customer’s preference, will be the primary NVTC representative submitting the final translation product directly to the customer.