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About Crime in the U.S. (CIUS)

This year, CIUS has been streamlined and updated. UCR staff have strategically trimmed the amount of tables and refined the presentation of data in this year’s publication. Read more about this shift and how to use CIUS.

In response to user feedback regarding the streamlining of Crime in the United States, 2016, the FBI has published an amendment containing 70 supplemental tables to the report.

Expanded Offense Data

Includes data about the age, race, and ethnicity of arrestees for 28 separate offenses including murder

Includes data about sworn officers and civilian employees

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Additional Data Collections

Additional Publications

About the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program


A history of the UCR Program and an overview of what UCR can provide


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A message from the Director of the FBI


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Download files from this publication, as well as the supplemental tables


Access a compressed file with the spreadsheets and PDFs from this publication, as well as a compressed file with the supplemental tables and PDFs

Go to previous editions of CIUS


Visit the UCR publications page

A summary of crime in the nation in 2016


Go to an overview of this publication

An addendum about changes to the rape data


The offense definition of rape, as well as the collection and presentation of rape data changed in 2013.


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