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Developments in the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

Note: The excerpts are presented as they were originally published in the UCR State Program Bulletin and therefore will include any additions, deletions, or clarifications released in subsequent bulletins. Readers are urged to read this document in its entirety before making any programming changes.

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UCR State Program Bulletin 05-1, March 2005

Proper Procedure for the Reporting of Confiscated Property Through the National Incident-Based Reporting System

During recent UCR Quality Assurance Reviews (QARs), the CJIS Audit Unit discovered discrepancies involving confiscated property not previously reported as stolen being entered into the National Incident-Based Reporting System as recovered stolen property. This problem typically occurred when Data Element 6, UCR Offense Code, included the data value 280 for Stolen Property Offenses. To illustrate, an officer confiscated several items from a subject, identified some of these items as previously reported stolen property from his agency’s jurisdiction, suspected that the other items were also stolen, and arrested the subject for stolen property offenses. Through the QAR, the CJIS Audit Unit staff has observed that a number of agencies then enter all of the property confiscated into the Property Segment under Data Element 14, Type Property Loss/Etc., with a data value of 5 for recovered stolen property without establishing that only a portion of the property was, in fact, stolen.

The UCR guidelines set forth for mandatory data values with specific data elements provide that only two data values should be considered if the offense is actually completed: 1 = None or 5 = Recovered (Volume 1, pages 119 and 120). However, an agency should enter the data value 5 = Recovered only for the property that was confirmed to be stolen, i.e., previously reported as stolen or determined through investigation to be stolen, within the agency’s jurisdiction. Entering the confiscated property in question into Data Element 14 with a data value of 5 = Recovered without having confirmed that it was stolen is inconsistent with established UCR guidelines.

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