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The Advantage of NIBRS Data

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The Advantage of NIBRS Data

With NIBRS data, analysts can generate state and national statistics that are not available using the traditional Summary Reporting System (SRS) data.  The NIBRS provides a more comprehensive view of crime in the United States, and offers greater flexibility in data compilation and analysis.

Using murder as an example, the visuals below demonstrate the analyses available through NIBRS for all offenses of Crimes Against Persons.  Characteristics such as age, sex, and race of victims and offenders, as well as relationship and circumstance data are available in NIBRS for all offenses of Crimes Against Persons and not just for murder as is the case with SRS data.  (The charts and graphs were prepared using data from the NIBRS 2013 master file and the counting rules described in Methodology.) 

The FBI’s vision is for the NIBRS to become the law enforcement community’s standard for quantifying crime and providing uniform crime data that can be used to inform, educate, and strengthen our nation’s communities.

To obtain a free copy of the master file used for NIBRS 2013, e-mail a request to .  Because the file is very large, the FBI UCR Program must mail the file to you.  Please provide your name, mailing address, and telephone number and indicate “NIBRS 2013 publication master file” in your request so you will receive the correct file.