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A Word About NIBRS

Created to improve the quantity and quality of crime data collected by law enforcement, the FBI UCR Program’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) captures more detailed information for each single crime occurrence than the traditional Summary Reporting System (SRS).  When used to its full potential at the agency level, the NIBRS identifies with precision when and where crime takes place, what form it takes, and the characteristics of its victims and perpetrators.  As more law enforcement agencies (LEAs) submit their crime data via the NIBRS, they—along with legislators, municipal planners and administrators, academicians, researchers, and the general public—will be better able to assess the scope of the nation’s crime problem.

NIBRS 2012 shows the rich details captured through incident-based reporting.  This second compilation of annual NIBRS data represents crime reported for calendar year 2012 by 6,115 LEAs around the nation, approximately 33 percent of all agencies that submit data to the FBI UCR Program.  The data include information on incidents, offenses, victims, and known offenders for 46 specific crimes in 22 major offense categories.  The report details the age, sex, and race of victims, offenders, and arrestees; crime locations and times of day; and the type of weapons and force involved.  Comprised of 97 tables, NIBRS 2012 features 32 offense tables about crimes against persons, crimes against property, and crimes against society; 24 tables on sex offenses; 36 tables that list offenses by state by individual law enforcement agency; and 5 tables focusing on the demographics of the arrestees connected to NIBRS incidents.

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