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U.S. Department of the Treasury (DOT)

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In 2010, 9 DOT officers were assaulted, and 1 of these officers was injured. The following provides information by agency within the DOT:

  • Internal Revenue Service—8 officers were assaulted. 
  • Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration—1 officer was assaulted and suffered injuries. 

Type of activity

At the time of their attacks, officers from the DOT were performing the following activities:

  • 5 officers were assigned to office duty. 
  • 2 officers were making arrests or serving summonses. 
  • 1 officer was conducting an investigation or search. 
  • 1 officer was assigned to other duties. 


Weapons that were used against the DOT officers during the attacks include the following:

  • 2 officers were attacked by persons using vehicles as weapons. 
  • 1 officer was attacked with a firearm. 
  • 1 officer was attacked by an assailant using personal weapons, such as hands, fists, or feet. 
  • 5 officers were attacked with other weapons, not specified. 

Dispositional information

Law enforcement authorities identified 8 suspects in the assaults on DOT officers.

  • Prosecution was declined for 5 suspects. 
  • 1 suspect was awaiting trial. 
  • 1 suspect is deceased. 
  • Prosecution opinion was pending for 1 suspect.