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U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

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In 2016, 298 officers from the DOJ were attacked, and of these officers, one was killed and 57 were injured. (Based on Tables 123 and 124.) The following provides information by agency within the DOJ:

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives—11 officers were assaulted; none were injured. (See Tables 123 and 124.) 
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation—16 officers were assaulted, 3 of whom were injured with firearms, and 2 with weapons other than firearms. (See Tables 123 and 124.) 
  • U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration—5 officers were attacked, 1 of whom was injured with a firearm, and 1 of whom was injured with a weapon other than a firearm. (See Tables 123 and 124.) 
  • U.S. Marshals Service—266 officers were assaulted; of these officers, 1 was killed with a firearm, 5 were non-fatally injured with firearms, and 45 sustained injuries from weapons other than firearms. (See Tables 123 and 124.)

Type of activity (See Table 130.)

Officers from the DOJ were performing the following activities when they were attacked:

  • 204 officers were making arrests or serving summonses. 
  • 31 officers were on patrol or guard duty. 
  • 20 officers were conducting investigations or searches. 
  • 18 officers were on court duty. 
  • 10 officers were maintaining custody of prisoners. 
  • 3 officers were assigned to office duty. 
  • 12 officers were assigned to other duties. 

Weapons (See Table 127.)

Weapons used in the attacks against the 298 DOJ officers include the following:  

  • 171 officers were assaulted with personal weapons, such as hands, fists, or feet. 
  • 61 officers were assaulted with firearms. 
  • 20 officers were assaulted with vehicles. 
  • 18 officers were assaulted with knives or other cutting instruments. 
  • 1 officer was assaulted with a blunt instrument. 
  • 27 officers were assaulted with other types of weapons.

Dispositional information (See Tables 123 and 131.)

Law enforcement authorities identified 173 suspects in connection with the attacks on the DOJ officers. The following dispositional information was available for 9 of the 173 suspects at the time of this report:

  • 3 suspects are deceased. 
  • 2 suspects were awaiting trial. 
  • 2 suspects were found guilty. 
  • 2 suspects had their prosecutions declined.