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Table 81

Law Enforcement Officers Assaulted and Injured with Firearms or Knives/Other Cutting Instruments

Victim Officer's Weapon Stolen1 by Offender, 2013

Victim officer Total Assaulted and injured
own weapon
Assaulted and injured
with weapon
other than own
Assaulted and injured
with weapon
information not reported
Number of victim officers 78 1 76 1
Weapon stolen 0 0 0 0
Weapon not stolen 77 1 76 0
Weapon stolen information not reported 1 0 0 1
  • 1The term "stolen" indicates the weapon was taken from the scene of the incident.
  • NOTE: Assault with injury data in this table reflects only a subset of those incidents reported to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program. For more information in reference to this data collection, see Detailed Assault Data.