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For Law Enforcement Only – LEEP

ucrlogo.jpgIf you work for a law enforcement, criminal justice, or public safety agency, you can join the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP). Just send an email to or call 1-888-334-4536.

Law Enforcement Studiesline
The below trilogy of LEOKA studies, available exclusively to law enforcement through LEEP, focuses on fatality and assault cases against law enforcement with the goal to improve officer safety.

Killed in the Line of Duty Report Cover Killed in the Line of Duty
A study of selected felonious killings of law enforcement officers examining offender motives in an attempt to answer why these attacks occur.

In the Line of Fire Report Cover

In the Line of Fire
A study of felonious assaults on law enforcement officers which examines both the offender motives and officer perceptions of the assault to improve officer safety.
Violent Encounters Report Cover Violent Encounters
A culmination of the two previous studies focused on felonious assaults and killings of law enforcement critically examining officer perceptions, offender motives, and the circumstances that brought them together.