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The Explosives Unit (EU) conducts examinations of evidence associated with bombing matters. The unit conducts forensic examinations of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), incendiary devices, and their respective remains, while providing expert witness testimony in court regarding the results of these examinations. The EU also provides direct field support in bombing matters, bombing crime scene investigations, and searches of bomb factories and safe houses in which bombs or bomb components may be encountered.

The Team

Senior scientist, supervisory special agents (forensic examiners), physical scientists (forensic examiners), chemists, physical scientists, and management and program analysts

The Work

  • Manage critical program(s) and/or long-term projects relating to the forensic analysis of bombing matters;
  • Maintain the Explosives Reference File (ERF);
  • Conduct training in bombing crime scene investigations and terrorist bombing matters;
  • Perform chemical analyses to determine the type of explosives used in an improvised explosive or incendiary device; and
  • Assist investigators in determining if debris from a fire of suspicious origin has an accelerant present.