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Laboratory Services

FBI Laboratory building

Using cutting-edge science to solve cases and prevent acts of crime and terror.

That’s what the FBI Laboratory has been about since 1932, when our first crime lab was born. Today, it’s a full-service operation, with some 500 scientific experts and special agents working in a state-of-the-art facility in rural Virginia, traveling the world over on assignment and providing forensic exams, technical support, expert witness testimony, and advanced training to Bureau personnel and partners around the globe. Whether it’s examining DNA to help determine guilt or innocence, analyzing the fingerprints left at a crime scene, or linking exploded bomb fragments to terrorists, the men and women of the FBI Laboratory are dedicated to using the rigors of science to protect and defend the nation.


Scientific Review

Microscopic Hair Analysis
The FBI, with DOJ, is engaged in a review of scientific testimony by Bureau Lab examiners in cases involving microscopic hair comparisons. Details

Inside TEDAC

Analyzing Evidence

Inside TEDAC
The Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center has examined more than 100,000 IEDs in its first decade. Details

Explore Our Services

Biometric Analysis
- Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)
- DNA Casework
- Federal DNA Database
- Latent Print

Forensic Response
- Crime Scene Documentation
- Evidence Response Team
- Hazardous Evidence Response
- Photographic Operations
- Scientific Response and Analysis
- Technical Hazards Response 

Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center (TEDAC)
- Explosives

Scientific Analysis
- Chemistry
- Counterterrorism & Forensic Science Research
- Cryptanalysis & Racketeering
- Firearms/Toolmarks
- Questioned Documents 
- Trace Evidence

More About Us
- Forensic Services Handbook (pdf)
- Quick Reference Guide
- Forensic Science Communications and Archive
- Scientific Working Groups
- Laboratory Positions
- Visiting Scientist Program