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Violent Crime and Major Thefts


Murder, violence, kidnapping, theft—they come at a high cost to our families and communities.

That’s why even in this post 9/11 era, the FBI continues to play a key role in combating violent crime and major thefts in big cities and small towns across the nation. Thousands of our agents work closely with their state and local partners on investigations and joint task forces. We have a surge capacity that can be tapped into during major cases, and we make our many capabilities available upon request—from evidence experts to behavioral analysts.

Beyond our casework, we’re always looking at the bigger picture-analyzing trends and threats and sharing that intelligence with our partners. We’ve also built and continue to manage a criminal justice support structure for the entire law enforcement community, including databases of crime records.

In Depth

Violent Crime
- Gangs
- Kidnapping
- Bank Robbery

Major Thefts
- Art Theft
- Cargo Theft

- Jewelry and Gems
- Organized Retail Theft
- Vehicle Theft

Threats & Crime Statistics
- Active Shooter Incident Study (pdf)
- Crime Statistics
- Crimes in Schools & Colleges
- National Gang Threat Assessment
- School Shooter Threat Perspective (pdf)
- Serial Murder
- Workplace Violence (pdf)

Other Programs
- Violent Crimes Against Children/Online Predators 
- Indian Country Crime

Wanted by the FBI
- Ten Most Wanted Fugitives
- Crimes Against Children
- Kidnappings, Missing Persons
- Murder & Other Violent Crimes
- Parental Kidnappings
- Unknown Bank Robbers

Support Services
- Crisis Negotiation
- FBI Laboratory
- Fingerprints/Crime Records
- Hostage Rescue Team
- National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime
- Victim Assistance
- Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP)