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Weapons of Mass Destruction


There’s no room for failure—when it comes to weapons of mass destruction, even a single incident could be catastrophic.

In July 2006, the FBI created the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate, or WMDD, to build a cohesive and coordinated approach to incidents involving nuclear, radiological, biological, or chemical weapons—with an overriding focus on prevention.

To do its job, the WMDD proactively seeks out and relies upon intelligence to drive preparedness, countermeasures, and investigations designed to keep threats from becoming reality. It also taps into the tactical and technical expertise of other FBI operational and support divisions, embedding personnel in these components as needed and coordinating investigations and initiatives. Throughout these efforts, the WMDD supports the broader work of the U.S. government as a leading partner and active contributor to policy decisions.

In Depth

Inside WMDD
- Leadership: Assistant Director John Perren
- FBI Counterproliferation Center
- Key Programs
- Frequently Asked Questions
- WMD History

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- Domestic Criminal and Epidemiological
  Investigation Handbook
- International Criminal and Epidemiological
  Investigations Handbook
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