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FBI Agent Collects Evidence from Exploded Car in Lebanon (AP Photo)

It’s our top priority—protecting the U.S. from terrorist attacks.

Working closely with a range of partners, we use our growing suite of investigative and intelligence capabilities to neutralize terrorist cells and operatives here in the U.S., to help dismantle extremist networks worldwide, and to cut off financing and other forms of support provided by terrorist sympathizers.

In Depth

Inside Our Operations
- Joint Terrorism Task Forces
- National Counterterrorism Center
- National Joint Terrorism Task Force
- Public Internet Tip Line
- Strategic Command Center (SIOC)
- Terrorism Fly Team
- Terrorist Explosives Device Analytical Center
- Terrorist Financing Operations Section
- Terrorist Screening Center
- Weapons of Mass Destruction

Major Cases & Incidents
- 9/11 Attacks
- Anthrax Mailings in 2001
- Major Cases Past and Present
- Terror Reports:
Current | More

How We Protect…
- Borders and Ports
- Colleges and Universities
- Food Supply
- Human Rights
- Special Events
- Traveling Public
- U.S. Troops Overseas

Wanted by the FBI
- Most Wanted Terrorists
- Seeking Terrorism Information
- Domestic Terror Fugitives

Threats and Intelligence
- Definitions of Terrorism
- 2016 Worldwide Threats (pdf)
- List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations 
- National Strategy for Counterterrorism
- Terror Today: Recent Speech
- Domestic Terrorism
- New Intel-Driven FBI

- Hazardous Devices School
- K-9 Bomb Detection
- Improvised Explosives
- Resources for Law Enforcement
- TopOff Exercises
- West Point Combating Terrorism Center

Protections & Precautions
- How to Help Prevent Terrorist Attacks
- Dangers of Explosives
- Suspicious Packages |  
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- National Terrorism Advisory System
- Travel Advisories
- Workplace Protections