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Organized Crime

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It’s not just the Mafia anymore.

Today, organized crime comes at us from every corner of the globe. We work to cripple these national and transnational syndicates with every capability and tool we’ve got: undercover operations; confidential sources; surveillance; intelligence analysis and sharing; forensic accounting; multi-agency investigations; and the power of racketeering statutes that help us take down entire enterprises. We also work closely with our international partners—in some cases, swapping personnel—to build cases and disrupt groups with global ties.

In Depth

About Organized Crime
- Overview
- Cases: Past and Present 
- Glossary of Terms
- News and Features

Wanted by the FBI
- Criminal Enterprise Investigations

Intelligence & Reports
- International Org. Crime Intelligence & Operations Center
- Strategy to Combat International Organized Crime (pdf)

Transnational Crime Threats
- African Criminal Enterprises
- Asian Criminal Enterprises
- Balkan Criminal Enterprises
- Eurasian Criminal Enterprises
- Italian Organized Crime/Mafia
- Middle Eastern Criminal Enterprises
- Western Hemisphere Organized Crime