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The FBI’s Business Alliance Initiative

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No one likes to be a victim of crime. Understanding the threats and tactics of criminals as well as the laws and resources that exist to protect individuals and organizations is the key to preventing crime, and the FBI is eager to share that knowledge!   

The FBI’s Business Alliance initiative started in 2005 as a partnership effort between the FBI and private industry to protect research, products, and personnel from foreign intelligence threats.  Through this initiative, the private sector has received increased knowledge and understanding of threats, and the FBI has received greater awareness of private sector issues and concerns.

If invited, the FBI will collaborate with a business on a broad array of topics relating to:

  • Cyber security
  • Economic espionage
  • Trade secret / intellectual property protection
  • Sensitive and classified information (i.e. is export controlled or has publication restrictions)
  • Keeping employees from being recruited by foreign intelligence services or terrorist organizations (the insider threat)
  • “Hardening the target” around technologies deemed valuable to national security
  • Personal and sensitive information (identity theft, fraud, stolen research, etc.)
  • Safety and security awareness when traveling abroad

The FBI is also willing to: 

  • Provide a counterintelligence vulnerability assessment
  • Provide awareness training to employees, lawyers, and managers
  • Provide brochures and literature about threats
  • Serve as a resource for questions and concerns (such as matters involving export controls) 
  • Provide specific threat information, if available
  • Provide invitations to regional counterintelligence meetings with the other businesses, academics, and US intelligence community personnel

What the FBI would like in return:

  • Introduction to departments or personnel that could benefit from our message
  • Implementation of more robust security procedures, if needed
  • Details of suspicious incidents
  • Access to subject matter experts to aid FBI investigations 
  • Willingness to work with the FBI on security concerns
  • Tips and feedback about our efforts

For your information:  

In 2007 the National Security Business Alliance Council—Aerospace and Defense (NSBAC-A&D) first met.  This council is a partnership with several leading companies in the defense industrial base who are the stakeholders of key technologies targeted by foreign adversaries. 

In 2011 the National Security Business Alliance Council—Information Technology (NSBAC-IT) first met.  This council is a partnership with several leading telecommunications and information technology companies in an effort to confront cyber threats and protect US information systems.

For more information, contact your local FBI office and ask for the Strategic Partnership Coordinator.