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The Intel-Driven FBI

The FBI and CIA Watch Centers are co-located with agenices throughout the Intelligence adn Homeland Security communitiesin the National Counterterrorism Center. Photo credit: NCTC

What are the most significant security threats? What do we know about them? What don’t we know? What is just around the corner that we should be preparing for now?

These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves every day. It’s part of our intelligence-driven, threat-focused approach to defending the country from a range of national security and major crime threats. Today, the FBI combines its investigations and intelligence operations to be more predictive and preventative—more aware of emerging threats and better able to stop them before they turn into crimes. Here you will find details on our new post 9/11 mindset and our growing suite of tools and capabilities.

In Depth

Intelligence in Action
Just a few of new ways we’re using intelligence to support operations and cases.
- Intel Analysts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
- Translation Center Helps U.S. Intelligence

- Analysts in the War Zone
- On the Job with the Director’s Briefer
- New Strategy Sessions
- Atlanta Terror Case
- Sharing Intel to Fight Global Gangs
- Our Work at Fusion Centers
- Inaugural Security
- National Security Briefings
- Intel Analysts Around the Globe
- Connecting Dots with eGuardian
- Using Intel in Eco-Terror Cases
- Interviewing Saddam
- Project Pinpoint
- New York City Intel: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
- Special Event Intelligence
- Honolulu Espionage Case
- Link Analysis

Intelligence Over Time
The FBI’s intelligence work didn’t start on 9/11. Read about past operations and milestones.
- Evolution of U.S. Intelligence
- Using Ultra Intelligence During WWII
- Intel to Stop the Mob: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
- Our Intel Operations Over the Years
- FBI’s Special Intelligence Service
- How Intel Helped Win a War
- Intelligence Timeline

Institutionalizing Intelligence
How we’re making intelligence part of the way we do business across the FBI.
- Overview
- Directorate of Intelligence
- Domestic Security Alliance Council
- Field Intelligence Groups
- Financial Intelligence Center
- InfraGard
- Intelligence Training
- National Counterterrorism Center
- National Gang Intelligence Center
- National Security Branch
- Southwest Intelligence Group & EPIC
- Terrorist Screening Center
- CJIS Intelligence Group
- Critical Incident Intelligence

Intelligence Reports
Some unclassified threat assessments or overviews we’ve posted on this website.
- Cyber Threat Overview
- Copper Theft
- Gangs
- Human Trafficking
- Mortgage Fraud
- MS-13
- Worldwide Threats (pdf)

The Post 9/11 FBI
Ten Years After
A new website looks at how the Bureau has changed since 9/11.
Intel in Action
Interviewing Saddam
FBI Agent George Piro spent seven months with Saddam Hussein, gaining his trust and gathering vital information. Details