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Participation Table

Number of Participating Agencies and Population Covered

by Population Group, 2011

Population group Number of
participating agencies
Total 14,575 286,010,550
Group I (Cities 250,000 and over) 73 54,769,531
Group II (Cities 100,000-249,999) 195 29,228,838
Group III (Cities 50,000-99,999) 453 31,414,257
Group IV (Cities 25,000-49,999) 821 28,451,187
Group V (Cities 10,000-24,999) 1,726 27,325,809
Group VI1 (Cities under 10,000) 7,493 22,667,782
Metropolitan Counties1 1,556 66,595,186
Nonmetropolitan Counties1 2,258 25,557,960
  • 1 Includes universities and colleges, state police agencies, and/or other agencies to which no population is attributed.

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