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Table 3

Cargo Theft by Location, 2017
Location type Total locations
Abandoned, condemned structure 1
Air, bus, train terminal 2
Bar, nightclub 1
Camp, campground 2
Church, synagogue, temple 1
Commercial office building 67
Construction site 3
Convenience store 59
Department, discount store 19
Dock, wharf, freight, modal terminal 42
Drug store, doctor's office, hospital 4
Farm facility 1
Field, woods 4
Government, public building 1
Grocery, supermarket 10
Highway, road, alley, street 115
Hotel, motel, etc. 6
Industrial site 15
Liquor store 5
Parking lot, garage 297
Park, playground 1
Rental storage facility 5
Residence, home 4
Rest area 3
Restaurant 4
School, college 2
Service, gas station 27
Shopping mall 1
Specialty store (TV, fur, etc.) 14
Other, unknown 45

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