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Table 12 Data Declaration

Federal Bureau of Investigation Total Employees by Gender, 2015

The FBI collects these data through the Bureau’s internal record-keeping systems.

General comment

This table provides the total number of FBI employees, distinguished by gender. These data includes total FBI special agents, professional support staff, and FBI police officers.


The information in this table reflects employee counts as of December 2015.

An FBI special agent is defined as a criminal investigator for the federal government who conducts criminal investigations and has arrest authority. Special agents are assigned to FBI field office divisions, FBI Headquarters divisions, or FBI legal attaché offices.

Professional support staff include full-time agency personnel such as intelligence analysts, language specialists, scientists, information technology specialists, clerks, office staff, researchers, etc. that are assigned to either an FBI field office division, FBI Headquarters divisions, or FBI legal attaché offices.

FBI police officers are uniformed federal police officers who also have arrest powers and whose primary duty is security of FBI facilities.