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Table 10 Data Declaration

ATF Explosives-related Arrests by Judicial District, 2015

The ATF collected these arrest data from its internal criminal case-management system.

General Comment

This table provides the number of defendants arrested in calendar year 2015 for any offense charged in state or federal court related to an ATF explosives investigation.


The data used in creating this table are from the arrest information reported as accomplishments in the ATF’s internal criminal case management system. These data include arrests by the ATF or task forces where the ATF submitted a recommendation for prosecution. In calendar year 2015, defendants were arrested on the following charges in connection with ATF explosives investigations:



Title 18 USC

842(a)(1) – Deal explosives without license


842(a)(2) – Falsify statements to explosives dealer


842(a)(3) – Receive/trans without explosives permit


842(c)     – Distribute explosives w/ knowledge of unlawful transport


842(h)      – Stolen explosives


842(j)      –  Explosives storage violation


842(k)     – Failed to report theft/ loss of explosive materials


842(l)      – Mfg Plastic explosives w/o detection agent


842(m)    – Import plastic explosives w/o detection agent


842(n)     – Possession of plastic explosives w/o detection agent


842(o)     – Fail to report possession of restricted explosives


842(p)(2)(A) – Distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, & weapons of mass destruction...with intent


842(p)(2)B) – Distribution of information relating to explosives...to any person...with knowledge of persons intent


844(d)   – Unlawful interstate transport of explosives


844(e)   – Bomb Threats


844(h)   – Used/carried during felony


844(i)    – Damage property affecting commerce


844(k)   – Theft of explosives from interstate shipment


844(l)    – Theft of explosives from licensee


844(n)   – Conspiracy to commit an arson/explosive violation


844(o)   – Transfer explosives for use in crime of violence or drug trafficking crime

Title 26 USC

5691     – Fail to pay special occupational tax


5861     – Destructive device


5861(b) – Receive/possess NFA firearm transferred in violation of chapter


5861(c) – Receive/possess NFA firearm made in violation


5861(d) – Receive/possess NFA firearm not registered in NFRTR


5861(e) – Transfer a NFA firearm in violation


5861(h) – Receive/possess NFA firearm without serial number obliterated/altered


5861(i)  –  Receive/possess NFA firearm not identified by serial number


5861(j)  –  Transport/deliver/receive NFA firearm in interstate commerce which had not been registered


5861(k) – Receive/possess NFA firearm imported in violation  EXPLOSIVES OFFENSE (DC) incendiary device

Population estimation

Population estimates used in this table are the U.S. Census Bureau published resident population estimates for counties for 2015. The U.S. Census Bureau calculates estimates based on the decennial census of 2010 and by applying measures of population changes. See https://www.census.gov/popest/data/counties/totals/2015/CO-EST2015-01.html for further information on county breakdowns for each state.