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Table 3 Overview

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Crime in the United States, Offense and Population Percent Distribution by Region, 2013

  • The most populous region, the South, accounted for 41.1 percent of all violent crimes in 2013. Lesser volumes of 23.5 percent in the West, 19.4 percent in the Midwest, and 16.1 percent in the Northeast were recorded.
  • Slightly less than 44 percent (43.8) of the Nation’s estimated total number of murders occurred in the South. The Midwest had 21.4 percent of murders, followed by the West with 21.0 percent, and the Northeast with 13.8 percent.
  • During 2013, 42.4 percent of the estimated numbers of property crimes were recorded in the South.  The West was next with 24.8 percent, followed by the Midwest with 20.0 percent, and the Northeast with 12.7 percent.