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Uniform Crime Report
Crime in the United States, 2012

Table 23

Offense Analysis, Number and Percent Change, 2011–2012

In 2012, the average dollar value per motor vehicle stolen in the U.S. was $6,019.
The average dollar value of property taken during burglaries was $2,230; during
robberies, $1,167; and during larceny-thefts, $987.
• By location, 74.5 percent of burglaries occurred at residences. Among robbery
offenses, 43.5 percent occurred on streets or highways.

In 2012, the number of offenses in specific robbery locations decreased in all
categories except commercial houses (up 1.9 percent) and gas stations (an
increase of 1.4 percent) when compared with the 2011 totals. Among robbery
locations, the number of robberies at banks declined the most, 5.5 percent, in
2012 when compared with 2011 data.
• Most larceny-thefts (46.6 percent) involved property valued at more than $200.
Crime in the United States, 2012

U.S. Department of Justice—Federal Bureau of Investigation
Released Fall 2013