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Table 20 Data Declaration

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Murder, by State, Types of Weapons, 2012

The FBI collects these data through the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.

General comments

  • This table provides the types of weapons used in murder offenses. The data are based on the aggregated data from agencies within each state for which supplemental homicide data (i.e., weapon information) were reported to the FBI. The table also includes a breakdown of the types of firearms used in murders
    (i.e., handguns, rifles, shotguns, or firearms [type unknown]).
  • The supplemental homicide data submitted by the Florida state UCR Program did not meet UCR guidelines and were not included in this table.
  • The FBI received limited supplemental homicide data from the Illinois and Alabama state UCR Programs.
  • No supplemental data homicide data were received from the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police.


  • The data used in creating this table were from all law enforcement agencies that submitted supplemental homicide data for 2012.
  • The weapon totals are aggregated from all murders for which the FBI received supplemental homicide data.