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Table 23 Overview

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Offense Analysis, Number and Percent Change, 2009–2010

  • In 2010, the average dollar value per motor vehicle stolen in the U.S. was $6,152. The average dollar value of property taken during burglaries was $2,119; during robberies, $1,239; and during larceny-thefts, $988. 
  • By location, 73.9 percent of burglaries occurred at residences. Among robbery offenses, 43.2 percent occurred on streets or highways. 
  • The number of offenses in all of the specific larceny-theft categories decreased in 2010 when compared with the 2009 totals. The category with the largest decrease over that time period was larceny-thefts of coin-operated machines, which declined 20.8 percent from the 2009 total. 
  • Larceny-thefts involving property valued at more than $200 comprised over 45 percent (45.3) of all larceny-thefts.